If you’re a small business owner or if you’re planning on becoming one in the future, then you’re likely on the search for tips and tricks that will make you more successful in your endeavors. If you’re wondering how you can increase your productivity, then it might benefit you to try some creative visualization. We’ve all heard about the benefits of creative visualization, and maybe we’ve even read a few articles or watched a few videos on the topic. Yet when it comes to putting the practices into action, it takes more than just wishful thinking. The following five tips are sure to get you moving in the right direction on your entrepreneurial path.

  1. Choose a specific goal.

Are you trying to find an innovative way to market children’s books? Are you looking to become the next organic baby food supplier for your area? Maybe you love kids and you’re looking to create a traveling music shop for local toddlers. Whatever your vision, it’s important to narrow it down and decide on a specific goal. As a budding entrepreneur, it’s important to choose something you would like to work toward, realize, or create. Your goal can be on any level — a starting blueprint, the first batch of baby food, or the full line-up of traveling music dates. Maybe your business is already off to a successful start, but you feel as if you could use a change in attitude, or a boost in creativity. What’s important here is that you actually select a goal, and then focus on it for the next step. Keep in mind that it will benefit you to choose goals that seem attainable in the near future. By doing so, you create greater likelihood for success, and you can more forward more easily with your creative visualization in the future.

  1. Be clear in your visualization.

One of the most important steps in creative visualization is learning how to create a mental picture that aligns with your goal. For some people, this practice comes very easily. They can simply close their eyes and see the outcome in their minds. For others, it takes a little more practice and dedication. Try to get comfortable when you visualize, and try to set aside a few minutes a day for your practice. Then, create an image or even just a feeling, of the goal exactly as you’d like it. So, if you want to travel with a van filled with violins for your kids’ music express venture, then you might want to visualize your van- the color, the size, the exact shape of the violins. Think about your goal as if it already exists, and imagine yourself doing exactly what is necessary to meet the goal. Some business owners utilize vision boards- homemade posters filled with pictures and words related to their specific goals.

Creative Visualization

  1. Choose time to focus on the goal.

If you want to be a successful business owner, and if you are serious about using creative visualization to reach your goal, then you’ll need to set aside time for quiet meditation. Bring your mage to the forefront of your mind as often as possible, but especially when you sit down for your specified meditation period. By doing so, you integrate the goal into your daily existence, and it becomes much more of a reality for you in your pursuit. Focus on your goal as clearly and as vividly as possible. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you can’t picture it exactly the way you want it. Sometimes it takes a while to visualize with creativity and relaxation.

  1. Send positive energy to your goal.

As you sit in your quiet space, creatively visualizing your goal, be it the van full of violins or the certified kitchen filled with organic kale for your booming baby food business, try to invite as much positivity into your space as possible. Speak to yourself with strong, encouraging statements, such as “My goal has come to fruition. I have created the business that serves myself and my clients with the best products in the industry.” Picture your goal coming to light, and use your positive statement, or affirmations, to your advantage. Used consistently and effectively, they’ll gradually erase any doubts you might have about your ability or about your vision.

  1. Maintain persistence until you reach your goal.

It’s important to remember that your goal might change along the way. This is fine, and is actually a normal part of the growth process. As a business owner, you’ll be constantly faced with new ideas, or with slight changes in your original plan for success. Don’t try to fight any of the urges to change your initial idea. On the contrary, go with the new idea and see if it brings your business to greater heights. If you discover that the goal has completely changed, then simply give yourself some time to get a new idea about where you are headed, and about how you visualize your new cycle of opportunity blooming before your eyes. When ideas change, don’t get caught up in feeling like you’ve failed’ instead, acknowledge that you have simply changed.

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